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surrey dental bone graft

Bone Grafts

A bone graft can go a long way toward restoring your appearance and providing a solid base for dental implants or dentures if missing teeth have caused your jawbone to atrophy. Over time, people with missing teeth can experience bone…

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surrey dental bridge


The dentists at our Surrey dental clinic can bring your smile back if you’ve lost one or more of your teeth.  We’ll use a device called a dental bridge to “bridge the gap” by replacing the missing teeth. Most bridges…

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surrey dental crowns


Teeth weaken over time, and issues like discoloration, decay and cracks become more likely as we age.  Crowns can help restore your smile if you’re not as happy with it as you used to be. If one of your teeth…

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dental crown lengthening

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening can serve two purposes: it can be an important technique in restorative dentistry, but it can also make your gum line more attractive. Both can improve your smile! In some cases, tooth decay attacks below the gum line.…

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surrey dental implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants serve an important purpose and are becoming increasingly popular.  After you lose a tooth, the teeth on either side of the gap eventually shift in position due to the pressures exerted as you chew.  In some cases, these…

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surrey dental dentures

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dentures replace missing teeth, but unlike bridges (which also replace missing teeth) they are not permanently fixed in your mouth.  A denture can be removed and put back into your mouth whenever you like.  Dentures let you have a full…

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surrey dental extraction


A tooth extraction isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, but the experts at our Surrey dental clinic know how to make it as quick, easy and painless as possible. Although several things can make an extraction necessary, the most common reason…

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Hygiene and Preventative Care

Everything Starts with Good Oral Hygiene and Preventative Care Do you want to know the easiest, the cheapest and the most effective way to have healthy teeth and gums? The best way you can ensure that your smile stays beautiful?…

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surrey dental Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays

Dental inlays and Onlays are actually partial crowns. The affected tooth is used as a base, with the Inlay or Onlay fitted onto the tooth. Our dental clinic in Surrey uses them to strengthen a tooth, restore its original shape,…

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Invisible Braces – A Clear Alternative Why wear conventional metal braces when Invisalign is the clear alternative to a better smile? Invisalign is a unique system of custom-made, clear plastic aligners that slowly, gently and painlessly move your teeth into…

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