Top 5 Oral Health Problems

What do you do when you get a canker sore or when someone quietly whispers that your breath isn’t so fresh? You tackle the problem at its source! With cream or a stick of gum…. But what are these mouth problems really saying about your oral health? You might be shocked.

Full Article: What your teeth & gums reveal about you

1. Bad Breath

The general public tend to lump bad breath into one category. You’re either born with good breath or bad breath. But do you ever think of the different types of breath odors? and what they can reveal about your teeth.

2. Canker Sores

A common and embarrassing problem for all of us are Canker sores.  We’re just lucky they appear on the inside and not the outside of the mouth.  It’s unfortunate that both canker and cold sores are too often linked with sexually transmitted disease.

3. Bleeding Gums

A sign of gingivitis is red in your sink after brushing your teeth. Gingivitis is inflammation of the gum and is caused plaque and tarter build-up. Other causes are incorrectly flossing, brushing vigorously and dentures that don’t fit right can also contribute to this problem.

4. Tooth Erosion

Tooth erosion is an irreversible loss of tooth structure commonly caused by excessive acidic food consumption, bulimia, acid reflux disease, and tooth decay. Brushing too hard can also cause enamel to wear down. If you’re an extra-hard brusher, switching to a soft-bristled electric toothbrush can help curb this tendency.

5. Oral Thrush

Oral thrush is a condition characterized by a white, filmy substance growing on the tongue and inside of the cheeks. Ordinarily, the natural candida levels in your mouth are kept in check by your immune system. Diabetes, cancer, HIV infection, and the use of birth control pills and corticosteroids can cause oral thrush to develop.