Soft Tissue Graft

Soft Tissue Graft

Are your gums receding? If you detect your gums receding and more of your tooth’s surface is uncovered, it’s time to act. Leaving your tooth roots exposed isn’t only unsightly but increases tooth sensitivity and the risk of decay.

Would you like to restore your gingival tissues? The Dental Group at Central City offers soft tissue graft services to rebuild your receding gum line. Please book an appointment today with our team as the first step to restoring the health and appearance of your gums.

The role of healthy gums in your smile

While your gums don’t get as much attention as your teeth, they play a significant role in keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. Healthy gums support your teeth and keep them firmly anchored in the jawbone. Besides, the gingival tissues encase your teeth to protect them from infections and sensitivity.

Unfortunately, gum disease may cause your gums to pull away, exposing your tooth roots. Without proper treatment, gum disease “eats away” your gums and tooth-supporting structures, resulting in tooth loss.

The other reasons your gums may pull away include:

  • Aggressive brushing and flossing of your teeth
  • Teeth grinding
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Smoking
  • Vitamin C deficiency

Whatever the reason for your gum recession, please book an appointment with our team for treatment. Leaving the problem untreated may expose you to other dental problems.

Gum recession treatment options

We treat receding gums using a free gingival graft. This procedure involves harvesting healthy tissue directly from the roof of your mouth (palate) and suturing it in the area with gum recession.

Alternatively, your dentist may use a connective tissue graft, where we open a small flap on the roof of your mouth and pick the tissue from the underneath layer. Then, the dentist stitches the harvested tissue on the existing gum tissue to cover the exposed tooth roots.

While soft tissue grafting restores your gums to their healthy state, it also improves your smile aesthetically by correcting a gummy smile.

Soft tissue grafting services near me

If gum recession is holding you back, please dial (604) 585-2345 to book an appointment with The Dental Group at Central City. Our dentists and the team offer gingival tissue grafting for a healthy, beautiful smile.